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Upsurge DNB is a new DRUM & BASS event in Torquay, this event is set to bring the best in mainstream DNB.



** ANNIX **

Having cemented themselves firmly as two of the hottest prospects in the UK Drum and Bass scene, Konichi and Decimal Bass combined forces to create Annix and formed an affiliation with DJ Hype’s Playaz in 2012 when ‘Late Manouvre’ found its way on to the ‘The Flavours Vol. 4’ EP.

This lead to Hype signing the duo exclusively to the label and it was no surprise that their debut album ‘Inception’ was one of the most anticipated underground releases of the 2013, propelling Annix forward and leading to DJ bookings across the UK, Europe and Australia.

In 2014 they released the ‘Past and Future’ EP, remixed ‘Must Die!’ for Skrillex’s OWSLA, and ‘State of Mind’ and ‘Nymfo’ for Black Sun Empire’s Blackout Music, before closing the year with another acclaimed 4-track ‘Digital’ EP on Playaz. DJ support for their output has come from the likes of Skrillex, Noisia, TC, Hazard, Friction, Calyx & Teebee and The Upbeats.

In Playaz, Annix have stated they now have a label that they “are 100% happy with”, and despite a quiet few months of writing and perfecting their material, Annix insist their new batch of songs will “cause some damage”! and are certainly ones to watch moving into 2016.


** TYKE **

Tyke: A mischief maker; a rascal; a cheeky little upstart gnawing away at the ankles of life with raw determination… Never, ever, letting go.

The tag relates to his days as a young graffiti artist, covering London’s rail network with his stark, sharp, vibrant style. But it’s just as relevant in the drum & bass world: His style is still distinctively sharp, stark and vibrant… But now he’s moved up from the ankles, he’s currently chewing the face off the scene, and he’s hungry.

Now signed to the mighty Playaz brand, with the help of scene forefathers DJ Hype and Pascal, Tyke is set to go supernovae. Once a semi-pro footballer, now fully committed to fine-tuning his mind-bending studio skills, his currency in D&B is more valuable than ever… But it’s always been strong; his earliest, self-released, tracks were supported by Hazard, Jumping Jack Frost and Nicky Blackmarket. Andy C joined quickly joined the premier support list when he snapped up Tyke and Recipe’s old skool homage ‘Music Makers’ for his ‘Nightlife 5’ mix.

Juggling worldwide tours, major festival appearances and a production schedule that features high profile EPs on Playaz, collaborations with of the scene’s most respected vocalists and remixes for numerous top tier imprints, he takes his game very seriously. And he does so while retaining his original rascal roots. Alter egos such as Mugabe and Retronym and tracks such as ‘Infected Headphones’, ‘Drug Pusher’ and ‘Buzzards’ have given him a distinctive, playful edge that grins wryly over his peers.


* CLYDERMAN (Upsurge / Rinse Out)

* MANZA (Upsurge / 30HERTZ)

* JISH JOSH (Equalization / Upsurge)

* OPERATION D (Rinse Out / Upsurge)

* RANIMAL (Upsurge / 30HERTZ)

* AMPLIFY (Upsurge)


12.05.18 @ The Foundry Torquay.
Tickets: £6 – £18
Ticket link:

Tickets £6 – £18 £12 -£18 (AAA) on the Door.

Where: The Foundry, 11 Torwood Street, Torquay, TQ1 1ED

TRAVEL: 15 minute walk from Torquay train station, on all major bus routes to the Strand, Torquay.

WHEN: Saturday 12th of May 2018
DOORS: 22.00 – 03.30

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